Ryan Bangma hosts a night of incredible silliness and comedy gold. This weeks show features headliner CHRIS JAMES!  

In the words of Mr Bangma...

"Chris James is a comedian born and raised in Vancouver. He does stand up comedy specifically, in that he tells jokes that are generally pre-prepared, and most often he does this in a club that has been designated a ‘comedy club’. Chris has done his stand up comedy the last three years at the Vancouver Comedy Festival, and has opened for many comedians much better and more famous than he is over nearly six years of performing.

He just recently finished runner up in the Homegrown competition at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, and also has had his comedy (stand up) featured on the CBC radio program 'LOL', and on the podcast 'Put your hands together' recorded at the super rad UCB theatre in Los Angeles (Hollywood(California)). Chris just recorded his first album, 'An Actual Comedy Album' which is being released in December by Comedy Records, and is already in full rotation on Sirius XM.
He usually has a beard."

Chris will be joined by 6 other stand up comics. So you dont want to miss that.


COVER $10 - includes $3 kick back towards food.