Each month Carolyn Mark hosts a very special song writers round.  Always honest, rarely bashful and often rather rude, Carolyn invites guests who sing it true.  Whatever that might be..

This months guests (in the words of Miss Mark)...

Marco Bozenich

The founding member of beloved local sensations Meat Draw and a crucial supporting member of Hank and Lily , Marco is the first-born son of Sointula Island wife-swappers and a Baltic hunk o' love, 

Marco writes amazingly hook-laden songs about co-joined twins, apocalyptic car chases with blacked out license plates, heading West with friends with the sun in his eyes and the occasional voodoo woman. 

In a perfect world Marco would be famous for his music and his brains. 

In this world we are lucky to have him so close. 

Brooke Cooper

The lead singer of the popular underground trio Varmint, Brooke has wormed his way into our collective hearts with rodent-like tenacity. Funny, shrewd observations about everyday hoser life. Brooke is a true comedian. 

Music at 8 and 10pm.

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