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What can be written about the Gord Light Brigade that hasn't already been screamed from every rooftop and second-story window on Vancouver Island? Nothing! That's what!

Harken unto these most esteemed of the sonically-inclined!  

Adam Cleland!  
Roz Jeffery!  
Matt Pease!  
Gord Light! 

Formidable individually, but together, almost ludicrously overqualified for nearly any and every task imaginable by human mind!  

On the evening of May 4th, they've set their collective sights on returning to the always-impeccable Northern Quarter to perform as many of Gord's songs as they can fit into two hour-long sets (and round the rest of the night out with covers by Elvis Costello, Porno For Pyros, Tears For Fears, and other great stuff), so clear ye your calendar!

Also, yeah, it's May the 4th so you can bet they'll try to work in some kind of Star Wars angle. What else would you do that's so good, anyway?