Tips and Tricks on Organizing Your Tupperware Drawer

Looking for ways on how to organize your Tupperware drawer? Here are some tips and tricks that will get you through it once and for all.

  • Remove everything out. Clear the drawer and remove scattered container lids or detached holders.
  • Stack the same-sized containers and lids and purge those who are either too large or too small to store. Purged Tupperware containers may have better storage use elsewhere in the kitchen or anywhere at home.
  • Wound crooked lids with elastic bands and organize them in drawer containers.
  • Remove the dust, grime, and dirt in the drawer before putting them all back in.
  • Start by stacking the same-sized containers and merge the large and smaller stacked containers within each other. Allocate a portion of the drawer for lid storage containers or have them stacked on top of their partnered bottoms.
  • Take pride in your organizational skills. Pro tip: Never leave the organizing system out when using and restoring the used Tupperware container to the drawer or cabinet.

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