Iconic Canadian Foods You Must Make at Home

The Canadian cuisine is vast and varied, with plenty of tastes and flavors that you may not find in other parts of the world. However, there are some iconic Canadian foods that everyone should know about and try to make at home – dishes you’ll surely fall in love with.

Canadian food is simple. You don’t need to use any sophisticated equipment like a solar dehydrator or a dough kneader. All you need are a few ingredients, some pots and pans, and some means to cook up a storm.

Many foods capture the spirit of Canadian cooking, from the iconic Poutine and Nanaimo Bars to Bannock and Tourtiere. Easy to prepare and extremely tasty, these iconic foods are something that you must try to make at home.

Canadian cooking is influenced by many cultures, from French to Scottish and native Indian tribes. For example, Tourtiere and Poutine seem to be influenced by the French while Bannock seems to be influenced by the Scots. Though many Canadian foods are iconic, people add their flourishes and touches to modify the recipes as they go along.

Here are some recipes worth trying:


Poutine in its simplest form is just fried potato strips. What makes it a Canadian comfort food is the addition of cheese curd and bacon sauce to add an extra zing to the dish and make it great for a snack or a small meal.

Like we said, cut a few potatoes into strips. Soak them in water and put them in the fridge for some time so you get crisp fires later on. Then, chop up some bacon and onions and saute them. Add some ketchup, tomato puree, spices, and stock to make a thick sauce, then get the sliced potatoes out of the fridge, pat them dry, and fry them till you get lovely golden brown fries.

Once the fries are ready, add some cheese curd and then drip the thick bacon sauce. Enjoy a piece of heavenly comfort food!

Nanaimo Bars

Here is another all-time favorite Canadian dessert. This dessert has crunchy coconut, a creamy middle, and chocolate on top. What is not to love? It is a great sweet treat and a Canadian icon.

It’s also easy to make as it doesn’t require any baking. Nanaimo bars use a base of a butter-cocoa mix with egg and coconut slivers, with the middle layer made of a butter-cream mixture and a top layer of melted chocolate. This is set in trays with a cooling time between layers. Then, the cooled, layered concoction is cut into lovely chewy sweet bars.


Bannock is of Scottish origin and may have been brought to North America by Scottish migrants. However, Canadians have been making a similar form of Bannock even before the Scottish immigrants came to North America. It is a simple recipe that uses flour, oil, and water to make a small flatbread that can be baked or fried.

Traditionally, Canadian Bannock is fried. You can top it off with jam and sweet things to make a lovely breakfast. Or, you can add meats to make a savory dish. Either way, Bannock is a lovely treat.


Tourtiere is another favorite comfort food. It is a pie with minced meat and spices like cloves and cinnamon. It’s best eaten warm or cold, making it a really satisfying Canadian favorite. It is spiced, cooked, minced, and baked in a pie.

For best results, you may need to combine beef and pork mince to create a delectable Tourtiere.

Before We Go

There are many more iconic Canadian favorite foods. You can always go online and check out some more iconic Canadian specialties like Butter Tarts, Blueberry Grunt, or the Cesar Cocktail.

The Ceasar Cocktail is an unusual cocktail of clam and tomato juice thrown in a glass with a salted rim with some Worcestershire sauce and vodka!

Remember, every culture has its favorite cuisine and a few iconic dishes. It is the same with Canadian food which has been influenced by many cultures. Some of its iconic foods are simple but tasty like Poutine, Bannock, Tourtiere, and Nanaimo Bars.

Make sure to try making some or all of these lovely foods at home. You will surely fall in love with them, so much so that you’d want to learn more about Canadian cooking.

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