Make Your Meal a Feast with The Best Burgers from Northern Ontario.

Looking for the best burger restaurants or diners in Northern Ontario? Here are some must-visit locations to begin your burger feast.

The Doughnut Burger at the Burger Don, Sault Ste. Marie.

This burger is one of the many customizable in their menu that allows any special take from the patty to the bun. More than that, you can also get their specialty burgers made by culinary experts. One of these is the doughnut burger that has a grilled honey-dipped doughnut in exchange for the bun.

The Forgotten Lake Heartbeat Blueberry Habanero Burger at the Lake of the Wood Brewing Co.

One of the best on the menu is their Forgotten Lake Heartbeat Blueberry Habanero Burger that’s complementing well with their local brews. Other best-served burgers are their Standard Burger served in a third-pound Canadian ground patty, as well as their hammer ‘n sickle sauce, which is a house specialty.

The BBQ Bison Burger from Dida’s, Earlton

Dida’s rather peculiar specialty isn’t just your ordinary burger. Made from locally sourced Rocky Ridge bison, this burger is a feast to behold with all the added mojos, onion rings, and burger veggies. They also have Ringer Burger, which is considered one of the long-running favorites by patrons of this well-known burger diner.

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger at Syl’s Neighborhood Kitchen, North Bay

A favorite by Syl’s regular customers, this 4 oz. beef patty, swiss cheese, bacon, and Forty Creek BBQ sauce is a paradise to dig in. Plus, the layers of veggies, mushroom, and crispy onion rings add fuller flavor to this amazing burger sandwich.

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